2015 Toyota 4Runner Proves Off-Road Credentials


The 2015 4Runner may seem like just another SUV, but pay attention folks: it’s an off-roading beast! While the KBB dudes found it beyond awesome for an off road snowy adventure, we here at Universal Toyota know its a luxurious, masterful work of technological, vehicular evolution!

The 2015 Toyota 4Runner is still a pretty oldschool vehicle. It may have some electronic aids and modern accouterments, but it’s still basically just body-on-frame ruggedness at a fairly affordable price.

The guys over at KBB took one out on an off-road adventure. They bit off more than they could chew, by going down a snowy hill that was obviously very difficult to climb back again. Yet even so, with some shoveling, it somehow managed to crawl back up and got them safely back.

It’s definitely not the kind of SUV for city dwellers, but for somebody who actually needs the off-road capability, then the 4Runner is a safe bet. Just make sure you fit it with suitable tires, as even the run in the video posted below would have been far less daunting with more specialized rubber.

This is the Face of Toyota’s All-New 2016 Tacoma


Is anyone else out there excited for the 2016 Tacoma! Here at Universal Toyota we can’t wait to see, drive, and explore in 2016 Tacoma!

After showing the tail of the 2016 Tacoma last week, Toyota has now brought the head of its all-new pickup truck into the spotlight.

The front-end shares some familiar styling traits with the
latest 4Runner SUV, albeit executed in a more rugged fashion.

Official details remain thin and the only thing we know for sure is that the next generation Tacoma will have its world premiere at the Detroit Auto Show in January.

“The all-new 2016 Tacoma will be ready to once again set the benchmark for midsize pickup performance,” Toyota said in a statement. “Backed by a heritage of unwavering capability, an unbreakable attitude and new, rugged tech, Tacoma’s off-road prowess is more formidable than ever.”

Toyota i-Road electric three-wheeler gets green light for early production


Toyota‘s i-Road three-wheeler concept is set to make it off the drawing board and onto the road. Toyota has announced that a limited production run of the fully enclosed, tilting EV will begin shortly, with initial units being transferred to Toyota’s Ha:mo urban transport system trials in Toyota City.

When the i-Road burst onto the scene at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, it felt like one of those design concepts that, although innovative and exciting, would probably disappear as do most of that ilk. But now Toyota has put its money where its mouth is, and is producing a short production run, probably numbering in the hundreds, to add to it’s prototype Ha:mo urban transport system.

The i-Road is an electric personal mobility vehicle with two in-line seats, that leans into the corners like a motorcycle. With only five horsepower, a top speed of 45 km/h (30 mph), and a range of 50 km (30 mi), the i-Road is aimed squarely at an urban transport market.

Toyota is running its Harmonious Mobility Network (Ha:mo for short) in Toyota City, located in Aichi, Japan. Designed as a system to improve urban transportation by combining private car and public transportation, Ha:mo is aimed at making both urban transportation and the urban culture more people- and community friendly.

The Ha:mo RIDE project is a car sharing system using ultracompact electric vehicles that provides transportation to and within the city center; for example, between a train station and a passenger’s workplace. At present the system has ten Toyota COMS personal mobility vehicles and ten ToyotaPAS power assisted bicycles. These are available at four stations where they can be rented and returned after use.

In the planned expansion, these numbers will be increased to 100 of each, with 100 i-Roads being added in early 2014. The number of rental stations will be increased to seventeen, providing service at train stations and major public buildings to facilitate quick turnover of the rentals. A rental fee of 20 yen (about 20 US cents) per minute will also be instituted.

Blue Santa Donations


Season’s Greetings ladies and gentlemen! This is just a shout out to let everyone know Universal Toyota is the official drop site for Blue Santa donations!

Universal Toyota and the SAPD have teamed up to help make this holiday season a more joyful one for the kids in need here in San Antonio. We will be accepting donations of new, unwrapped children’s toys in our New Car Showroom until December 16th, 2014.

Please assist us in gathering goodies for San Antonio’s kiddos! Any donation, no matter how big or small, will be incredibly appreciated!

Seriously, This 2015 Toyota Camry is The Ultimate Sleeper

Well ladies and gentlemen, it  appears looks really ARE deceiving! Check out the 2015 Camry Sleeper!

Well ladies and gentlemen, it appears looks really ARE deceiving! Check out the 2015 Camry Sleeper!

Whaaaat!? A quarter mile run in 9.8 seconds! The 2015 Camry Sleeper is going to be a force to be reckoned with!

Can you think of any better car to create a sleeper than the Toyota Camry? Okay, perhaps the N.A. VW Passat too, but that’s beside the point, which in this case, is an 850+HP, V8-powered 2015 Camry.

Built in just 11 weeks, Toyota calls it the 2015 Camry Sleeper and it was presented today at the 2014 SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

It’s a purpose-built dragster featuring a 5.8-liter V8 engine sourced from the Toyota Tundra aided by a TRD supercharger and a wet nitrous system putting out more than 850 horsepower.

That said, the only real thing it has in common with your typical 2015 Camry is the exterior shell that was dropped on a full tube-frame racing chassis.

Power is directed to the asphalt via chunky DOT 335/30/18 drag racing with Toyota expecting the car to complete the quarter mile run in 9.8 seconds.